It used to be fishermen village but one day American lady known Ni Ketut Tantri who made a book Revolt in Paradise settled down there and promoted it as a nice place to relax, nowadays million of surfers go there for their vacation


Batubolong Temple

One of the best sites to see a sunset with a temple with the hollow as a foreground, Batubolong is a temple on a rock with the hole beneath it, its location is the same area with Tanah Lot temple so for sunset shoot overthere you need to choose Tanah Lot or Batubolong as a foreground of the sunset. This area is good also for slow speed shoot as many volcanic stone on that beach.

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Tanah Lot


Tanah Lot comes from two words, Tanah means Land and Lot means Sea so a land in this case a huge rock on the sea. This place in sixteen century used by a holy priest from Java gave a Hinduism teaching to local people there. During sunset is the best moment to take pictures here, cause this is one of the best places in Bali so hundreds of people come here during sunset, it becomes difficult to take long exposure shoot. There are two angle for sunset shoot, if low tide we can do low angle one need to walk a little bit so we can put the temple as a foreground and the sun behind. The other angle is high angle shoot from the stall that sell young coconut water known as sunset terrace.tanahlotDSC_8542tanahlotDSC_2656


It locates in the southernmost edge of the Bali island, hundred meters above sea level, the scenery is marvelous especially during sunset. According to inscription in Blanjong and Gianyar this temple was built in 917 by King Sri Kesari Warmadewa. The area of the temple is quite big to explore from north to south, at least need one hour to do it. The temple also were inhabited by hundred of long tailed macaque monkeys. There is Kecak dance performance here start at 18.00 hrs last for an hour portraying the story of Ramayana but during that time the sun also down so you need to choose whether shoot the sun or the dance

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