It used to be fishermen village but one day American lady known Ni Ketut Tantri who made a book Revolt in Paradise settled down there and promoted it as a nice place to relax, nowadays million of surfers go there for their vacation


Bali Art Festival

  These pictures taken during the opening of Bali Art Festival 2014. The festival held every year during Bali school holiday from mid of June till mid of July. Every regions send their representative to this art festival.

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Tenganan Village

An unique village in Karangasem regency closed to Candi Dasa resort, it is located on the slove of the hill, the village itself is sorrounded by the wall. The village related to the story of “Oncesrawa”, a beloved horse of the Bali ancient king of Bedulu, the horse lost. Those who find the horse whether dead or alive, he will grant a piece of land. The ancestor of Tenganan village was the person who found the dead body of the horse on the land of Tenganan village now. Overthere there is a unique event “Perang Pandan”, fighting used some pandanus leaf with it thorn. The villager’s skill is to make Ate weaving and Gringsing hand weaving cloth.

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