Lake of Tamblingan

Considered as the smallest lake in Bali, Beautiful lake at north of Bali, it has an extend 1.9 square kilometers and 90 meters deep, with the elevation of more than 1000 meters above sea level so this area is quite cool and sometimes misty. Near Asah Gobleg village there is a beautiful stop to have a look of this lake and its twin, Buyan lake. The place is ideal for trekking and sunrise shoot as well.

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Rice is the staple crop in Bali, Oryza Sativa as its latin name is cultivated throughout the island. No meal is complete without it and no guest can be honourably fed without rice, in Bali, we do wet rice cultivation which is dependent on plentiful supply of water. The dominant feature of Bali lanscape is terraced rice field as the island is not flat caused of the existence of 14 mountains, valleys and deep rivers

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