Buyan Lake

One of the four lakes in Bali, it has an extend 3.9 square kilometers and 87 meters deep. The lake view can be seen from place near Gobleg village while having tea or coffee. People also stop north of the lake for its view and feed long tail monkeys.


Batur Volcano

Batur is names of the second highest volcano in Bali 1717 meters and the largest lake 1718 ha, on a normal tour the tourists just admire the view from Kintamani village as there are many restaurants overthere face to volcano to enjoy the scenery. So mostly they are there during lunch time but for photographers this place is a site to see the sunrise to capture Batur volcano and its lake during sunrise. Adventurers will hike up to the top of Batur volcano to enjoy the sunrise as well.

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Tirta Empul Temple

The location is in Manukaya Tampaksiring dated back to 962, the temple known as Spring temple cause in the main yard of the temple there is a source of water that always come out from the ground. Then the water flow out to several fountains to out side yard where Balinese and some tourists do the purification. 28-70 lense is ideal for this shoot.tirtaempuldsc_6757


Taman Ayun

The temple built in 1634 by the founder of Mengwi kingdom, its a clan temple used to worship to God for the ancestor of Mengwi kingdom. Taman means garden while Ayu means beautiful or suitable for every body. The temple is sorrounded by the moat and has three yard. First yard has cockfighting arena, the second yard has wooden bell tower function to convey message that the ceremony is still going on, and the third yard is where all important shrines located. In this temple you need a wide lense to cover all the important shrines.

tamanayunDSC_0872-Edit tamanayunDSC_6456_single

Tirta Gangga

Royal bathing place for king of Karangasem Bali, built in 1948 by Anak Agung Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem, the King of Karangasem eastern part of Bali. The area has a source of water so that the King has idea to built bathing place here.

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The only waterfall in Gianyar regency, not so far from Ubud just 15 minutes away by van. Shoot from the Warung as high angle we don’t need to down to the river. The waterfall is quite nice although not high enough with the trees as frame.

waterfallDSC_6280 waterfallDSC_0891xwaterfallDSC_5383 copy waterfallDSC_6762


Jukung is a Bali word for traditional boat, means of transportation by fishermen in Bali, perhaps the catamaran got inspiration from this traditional boat. Not many seen in Bali beach cause Balinese prefer to work as farmers than fishermen.

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